Allen Avionics HEC-2000 Video Hum Eliminator

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The HEC-2000-V IS A single-channel Hum Eliminators manufactured by Allen Avionics. The HEC-2000 Series is designed to eliminate hum in video applications caused by long cable runs or ground loops. The HEC series works in circumstances where interference is caused by small differences in ground potential (less than 20 volts) or by induced currents in long cable runs. When there are multiple power panels in a building, or even a single floor, equipment and lighting loads result in small differences in potential which induce a ground loop current flow and 60 Hz hum. Electronically-induced current flows in long cable runs also create hum.


  • Flat Response

  • Bandwidths up to 30MHz

  • No Low or High Frequency Roll-Off

  • No Differential Gain or Phase Distortion

  • Rugged, Waterproof Case

  • BNC Connectors

  • Passive Device - Failure Free

  • For Color and Black & White

  • Reversible

  • Small, Compact Package


Brand Allen Avionics
Model HEC-2000-H


Type Analog
Color Blue


Input Connectors 1 x 1 BNC female
Output Connectors 1 x 1 BNC female

Supported Formats

Input Formats NTSC
Output Formats NTSC

Performance Data

Signal Level (video output) Hum Reduction: 60 dB fo 50 Hz or 60 Hz systems
Signal/Noise (video output) Insertion Loss:
0.75 dB @ 10 MHz
1.20 dB @ 20 MHz
1.50 dB @ 30 MHz
Impedence (video output) 75 Ohms, Unbalanced
Bandwidth (video output) DC to 30 MHz
0.75 dB @ 10 MHz
1.20 dB @ 20 MHz
1.50 dB @ 30 MHz
Gain (video output) Return Loss: 20 dB
Bandwidth DC to 30 MHz

Physical Information

Power Stops all 50 Hz and 60 Hz hum
Dimensions (WHD) 3 11/16 x 4 11/16 x 2 1/26 inches
Weight 3.5 lbs
Construction Die cast metal

Special Features

Features Mounting: Four (4) 6-32 x 1/2" inserts


  • RG6 Video/SDI Cable (BNC/F; M-M) x 25'
  • RG6 Video/SDI Cable (BNC/F; M-M) x 50'
  • RG6 Video/SDI Cable (BNC/F; M-M) x 100'
  • RG6 Video/SDI Cable (BNC/F; M-M) x 200'

Patch Cables

  • RG6 Video/SDI Patch Cable (BNC/F; M-M)