About Rent-A-Bit

Our corporate mission is simple—to be your event technology partner! Our clients expect nothing but the best: The best equipment, the best people, the best service. Your job is to deliver a successful event. Our job is to make sure you do.

From the very beginning, we have never relied on fancy marketing and sales techniques. Instead, our focus has always been to treat each client as if they were our only client and let people do what they do best... tell other people.

This approach to business has allowed us to serve our markets for 20 years running. It's not fancy, but it works. We hope you too will consider Rent-A-Bit for your next meeting or special event.

Thanks to the folks at Rent-A-Bit for the wonderful support provided to the AACRAO Conference. The conference organizers received many favorable comments from some of the 2,600 plus attendees concerning the equipment in the technology center...



Our Story

There was no market survey, no research, no business plan. Rent-A-Bit was programmed by the most basic chip of motivation—a need in the market place. It was in 1983 when founder Tom Lafree, who worked in computer sales & service, rented his personal computer to a customer for short term project—a notion simply unheard of at this early age in the PC industry.

Since that time, the business concept created that day has grown both in size and in the variety of its equipment offerings and services. As the name implies, Rent-A-Bit began and cut its teeth as a computer rental company. But within a few years the business expanded to include audio-visual and office equipment as well.

Today, Rent-A-Bit is powered by the service that accompanies the now established need. We revolve around the equipment we rent, but our business has always been the servicing, availability and support of that equipment. With three warehouses across the Midwest, Rent-A-Bit provides local delivery and technical services to several major cities, and has been privileged to service many Fortune 500 companies.

Despite the professional success and accomplishments we have enjoyed over the years, we still hold fast to the vision and business philosophy of our founding over 20 years ago—treat every customer like they are your only customer!