Fovitec 1200XD Daylight LED Light Panel w/ Light Stand

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The Fovitec 1200XD Daylight LED Light Panel is the ideal continuous light source for any amateur or aspiring professional photographer or videographer. The large, high quality light source has 1200 long-lasting LED bulbs that can provide bright, flicker-free light for consistently well-lit video shoots. The light panel is capable of a wide range of white balance options from tungsten to daylight, giving you total control over the ambience of your shot. The adjustable brightness allows you to easily set the 1200XB as either a key light or a fill light on set. The durable aluminum alloy chassis and the padded travel carrying case ensure a long life for your LED light panel no matter where you take it.

The 1200XD features built-in DMX input/output ports, allowing you to connect multiple units to a master DMX remote controller for a large video lighting setup. Use either a V-mount battery (sold separately) on the built-in mount or the provided power adapter. Eliminate abrupt lighting shifts when adjusting the brightness with the stepless adjustment knobs, which ensure smooth, uninterrupted lighting changes while recording video. View all your settings on the digital LCD display screen on the back of the panel for increased user control.


  • Contents: 2x 1200 bulb daylight panels, 2x 8'3 stands, 2x barn doors, 4x light filters, 2x AC adapters, 2x bags
  • Precision Intensity Control & Digital Readout: Includes a stepless, brightness knob tunable using the LED display
  • Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, & Instagram influencers For Professional-Grade Indoor & Outdoor Videography: V-mount battery & DMX compatible
  • Powerful & Color Accurate: Panel is 95+ CRI w/ 12100 lux output at 1m, 3530 at 2m, 1555 at 3m


Brand Fovitec
Model 1200XD Daylight LED Light Panel w/ Light Stand


Type LED Light Panel
Color Black


Lens 45°
Lamp LED


I/O Ports Built-in DMX Support
V-Lock Battery

Physical Information

Power Input AC 100-240V, Output: DC 15V/8A
72W (V-Lock Battery (sold separately))
Dimensions (WHD) 16.5 x 12.5 x 2"
Yoke Light Stand Adjusts from 2'10" to 8'3""
Construction Aluminum, Plastic

Special Features

Features Dimming Capability 0-100% continuous

Recommended Uses

Uses light source with bright and flicker-free light for consistently well-lit video shoots