DSAN ASL4-ND3 Audience Signal Light w/ 4" LED Digits

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This is a large-display DSAN Audience Signal Light for the DSAN Limitimer timekeeper for presentational speakers. With 4" timer digits and green-yellow-red warning lights, it simplifies the presentation process by signaling the speaker when to start or stop. It can also be used as a regular digital clock when the timer functionality is off (and the time-of-day settings get saved). The Audience Signal Light can be powered from the Limitimer from up to 200 ft away or independently powered (recommended) with the included power supply. Connections on the rear include RJ45 and XLR inputs for the Limitimer, RJ45 and XLR outputs for an auxiliary signal light, and a 5-pin EBY adapter (5-pin XLR) for connecting to the older model Limitimer.


  • Large-Display Signal Light for Limitimer
  • 4" Digits
  • Green-Yellow-Red Warning Lights
  • RJ45 and XLR Inputs and Outputs
  • 5-Pin XLR Input for Older Limitimer
  • Power Supply Included