Steren 201-734 3 x 4 RF Multiswitch

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A multiswitch takes the input from both of the LNB's (both cables from a dual LNB dish HAVE to be connected to the multiswitch) then locks one of the LNB's to always look at the even transponders and the other LNB to always look at the odd transponders. This is why a multiswitch only works with Dual LNBs and not single LNB's. The switch then has multiple outputs to receivers (4,8,etc). When you connect the receiver to the multiswitch, the switch determines which of the two LNB's the receiver needs to look at depending if it needs to view odd or even transponders. When you change the channel, the switch then swaps your connection to the other LNB when needed. With a multiswitch, the LNB's never change which side they are looking at.

Multi-Receiver Satellite Multiswitches Designed for Residential and Commectial Applications. Multiswitch allows independent operation of multiple satellite receivers using a single dish. Combines 2 satellite LNB and 1 off-air TV antenna inputs to any satellite receiver. Routes any input to any output using 13-14V vertical or 17-18V horizontal polarities.


  • SMD Multiple-Layered Printed Circuit Board Design.

  • High-Performance Pin-Diode Signal Switching.

  • Precision Machined F-Connector Threads.

  • Impedance 75Ohms - 60mA DC Current Consumption

  • Current Pass 500mA max.

  • Terrestrial Ports Frequency 5-862MHz

  • Satellite Port Frequency 950-2200MHz

  • Supplied with protective F-Port Plastic Caps

  • Isolation 14dB

  • Return Loss 8dB

  • Insertion Loss 5dB Sat, 4dB Terr

  • 5-7/8 inches wide x 3-1/8 inches high x 1-1/8 inches deep