Magenta MultiView AK500 VGA over Cat5e Transmitter / Receiver (pair)

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Magenta Research’s MultiView 500 Series receivers offer a cost-effective, yet performance driven means to deliver high-resolution video with audio or RS-232 signals over UTP cable. Continuing the Magenta standard of offering UTP receivers in varying distance tiers—ensuring users only pay for the distance needed—MultiView 500 receivers take up residence as Magenta’s shortest distance receiver offered. Even while effective distance transmission has doubled in this first tier of receivers, 500 Series receivers offer a lower costper- distance solution from Magenta than ever before. Magenta’s tiered distance offerings for MultiView receivers are rounded out by the AK600, AK1200 and XR-2000 products. 500 Series Receivers boast complete video-format agility, able to extend RGBHV, component, S-video or composite, video. Compensating for UTP cable distance length is as simple as choosing from four distance stages; 1-125 feet, 125-250 feet, 250-375 feet or 375-500 feet. Resolutions to 1366x768 are supported, including 720p HDTV modes. The MultiView 500S receiver offers another first from Magenta—the ability to easily toggle between simplex and duplex RS-232 modes. MultiView receiver adjustment and configuration has never been easier! The MultiView Series provides a “building block” approach to signal distribution over Cat5. MultiView 500A and 500S Receivers may be linked to a MultiView UTx Universal Transmitter, a PCI card transmitter or MultiView T4/T5 multiple output transmitters in order to cover any application. When utilizing cascaded MultiView transmitters, MultiView Cat5 distribution amps and MultiView full-matrix Cat5 switchers, signals can be distributed to hundreds of displays from one or multiple sources.


Brand Magenta
Model Multiview AK500


Color Black


Input Connectors AK 1x00A: (1) 3.5-MM, (2) RJ-45, (1) HD15 F;
AK1x00S: (1) DB9 M (DTE), (2) RJ-45, (1) HD15 F; (1) 3.5-MM
AK1x00 SA (1) DB9 M (DTE), (2) RJ-45, (1) HD15 F; (1) 3.5-MM
AK1x00 SAP (1) DB9 M (DTE). (2) RJ-45, (1) HD15 F; (1) 3.5-MM

Physical Information

Dimensions (WHD) 1.2" H x 5.6" W x 6.2"F
Power +5 VDD
Weight 1.4 lbs