Sony SLV-N500 Video Cassette Recorder

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This Sony 4-head VCR delivers your favorite shows with sharp image definition, high-fidelity sound and much more. Instant replay feature makes it easier to replay sports or movie scenes you didn't catch the first time. With the touch of a button, commercial skip zips you forward to the exact time the show returns. Flash rewind rewinds a full T-120 tape in about 60 seconds. Index scan helps you find the beginning of a show or where to start recording. Auto tracking optimizes the picture for you. Auto head cleaner provides low-maintenance operation and clean playback. Easy, plug-and-play set up with auto tuner presets and auto clock set. Features 1 month/8 event-recording timer, multi-lingual on-screen display and front A/V inputs for camcorders or game systems.

Product Hightlights:

  • Compact 14" Width
  • Flash Rewind - Rewinds a T-120 in about 60 Seconds
  • 19 Micron Heads - Superior EP Recording Quality
  • Commercial Skip
  • Front and Rear Audio/Video Inputs
  • Plug & Play for Easy Set-up for Auto Tuner Preset and AutoClock® Set
  • Multi-Brand TV Remote Control*
  • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo; MTS Stereo TV Reception
  • Dual Azimuth 4 Head


Brand Sony
Model SLV-N500


Type Video Cassette Recorder


Input Connectors RF A/V Input x 1
Composite Video Input x 2 (One on the Front of Unit)
Audio Line Inputs x 2 (One on the Front)
Output Connectors RF A/V Output x 1
Composite Video Output x 1
Audio Line Outputs x 1

Physical Information

User Controls Manual/Remote Control
Power AC120V, 60Hz
Dimensions (WHD) 14" W x 3.7" H x 9.8" D
Weight 5.7 lbs

Special Features

Features Compact 14" Width
19 Micron Heads - Superior EP Recording Quality
VHS Hi-FI Stereo; MTS Stereo TV Reception
Dual Azimuth 4 Head
Energy Star Compliant
Digital Auto Tracking System
Linear Tape Counter
Rewinds a T-120 tape in about 60 seconds
Auto Repeat
Auto Play
Auto Power off

Recommended Uses

Uses Video Cassette Recorder