Telmax TSP17-BUN Presidential Prompter Bundle (Black)

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The TSP17-BUN Presidential Prompter Bundle from Telmax includes 2 presidential-style TSP17 teleprompters, a 4-port VGA splitter, 3 cables, and the ZaPrompt Pro teleprompter software.

The presidential-style TSP17 teleprompters feature a re-designed proprietary Mirror Lock system that is designed to give the best grip possible on the BeamSplitter mirror. Once the mirror is tightened into the mirror clamp, it will not move. The teleprompters are lightweight, easy to set up, easy to use, and are readable from up to 18' (5.48m).

The teleprompters work by producing a reflection of the scrolling text on a two-way mirror that is eye level with the talent. The text is only visible on the talent side of the mirror. From the audience side it looks like a clear piece of glass. The scrolling text is sent from your computer to the teleprompter's monitor via a VGA cable. Someone sitting at the computer will control the rate, and other properties of the scrolling text, or the talent can control the scrolling on their own using a hand controller (sold separately). Either way, the pre-written script will scroll on the teleprompter monitor and then will be reflected off of the Beamsplitter mirror, making it visible only to the talent.