Rane RA30 - 30-Band 1/3 Octave Realtime Analyzer, SPL Meter & Stereo VU Meter

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The Rane RA 30 Realtime Analyzer is a single rack space unit providing 30 bands of realtime frequency/amplitude information in a 5-LED per band format.


  • Realtime Analyzer with Pink Noise generator

  • SPL Meter

  • Stereo VU Meter with Peak Hold


Brand Rane
Model RA30


Type Realtime Analyzer
Color Black


Input Connectors 1 x XLR microphone input (with trim)
2 x 1/4" TRS phone
Output Connectors 1 x 1/4" TRS phone unbalanced (pink noise output)

Performance Data

RTA Type 1/3 Octave
VU Meter Type Stereo, 1.5dB resolution, and can be calibrated to accommodate +4dBu or -10dBV signals.
SPL Meter Type Pink noise generator included. A or C weighting filters are user selectable. This mode accurately displays SPL readings from a minimum of 51dBA to a maximum of 120dBA

Physical Information

Power Rane Rs-1 Power Supply (120VAC 50/60Hz)
Dimensions (WHD) 19 x 1 3/4 x 5 5/16 inches
Weight 4 lbs
Construction Metal enclosure

Special Features

Features Included Rane MIC 2 condenser microphone, factory-tested and flat to within 1dB from 20Hz to 16kHz


  • XLR Balanced Audio Cable (M-F) x 25'
  • XLR Balanced Audio Cable (M-F) x 50'
  • 1/4" Phono TS Speaker Cable (M-M) x 25'
  • 1/4" Phono TS Speaker Cable (M-M) x 50'

Patch Cables

  • XLR Balanced Audio Patch Cable (M-F)
  • 1/4" Phono TS (Instrument) Patch Cable (M-M)
  • 1/4" Phono TRS Patch Cable (M-M)
  • XLR Balanced Audio to 1/4" Phono (TRS) Patch Cable (M-M)