Pico Macom PCM55SAW 550MHz Single-Channel PLL SAW-filtered A/V Modulator

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The Pico Macom PCM55SAW is a professional grade microprocessor controlled phase-locked-loop synthesized single channel audio-video modulator. The PCM55SAW provides a full 55dBmV minimum output from sub-band channels T7 through T13, and CATV channels 2 to 78 including channels 95 to 99 while accommodating HRC and IRC offset frequencies (5.75-550MHz). The unit is field re-tunable within band via internal dip-switch channel selection and minimum output filter retuning. This modulator is used in more heavily channel-loaded systems and where cost effective expansion up to 550MHz is desired and greater frequency stability and higher spurious free adjacent channel performance is required. Its phase-locked-loop frequency control, and superior SAW filtering enhances stability, minimizes adjacent channel interference and assures accurate and spurious free output. Superior out-of-band carrier-to-noise performance is achieved through band-pass filtering at the output amplifier.

  • 90-channel, 5.75-550MHz bandwidth
  • Full 55dBmV output for optimum carrier-to-noise performance
  • In-band carrier-to-noise ratio >62dB ensures superior picture quality
  • BTSC stereo Compatible pre-emphasis disable switch provides pass-through for stereo signals
  • Digital phase-locked loop (PLL) design guarantees precise frequency locking


Brand Pico Macom
Model PCM55SAW


Color Black
Type 550 MHz Channelized PLL SAW-filtered A/V Modulator


Input Connectors 1 x F (composite video input)
1 x F (audio input)
Output Connectors 1 x F (RF output)
1 x F (test RF out @ -30 dB)

Physical Information

Dimensions (WHD) 19.5 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches
Power 120 VAC @ 60 Hz
Weight 3.6 lbs