Da-Lite 75837 Laser Pointer (Red)

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Laser Pointers are the perfect accessory for highlighting important points during presentations. Capture the attention of your entire audience by projecting a brilliant red spot precisely where you want. Choose the standard Laser Pointer to bring life to your next presentation or for extra pizzazz, choose the Blinking Mode Laser Pointer which allows you to project either a solid or pulsating red spot. The Jumbo Laser Pointer, measuring 10" in length, is ideal for the rental market where security is a factor.


  • FDA Safety Class IIIa

  • Includes foam-lined case

  • Power output: less than 5 milliwatts

  • Wavelength: 650 nanometers

  • Operating lifetime: 3,000 hours

  • Includes batteries


Brand Da-Lite
Model 75837


Type Red Laser Pointer
Color Black

Performance Data

Laser Red

Physical Information

Power (2) "AA" batteries (<5Mw)

Recommended Uses

Uses Note: Do not use with LCD / Plasma monitors